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The University of Houston Brain-Machine Interface Systems Team (UH BMIST) is a research group led by Dr. Jose Luis Contreras-Vidal at the University of Houston Main Campus. We are dedicated to the engineering of the brain, and the design of non-invasive brain-machine interface and robotic systems for rehabilitation, enhancement or repair of the motor system after brain or body injury, neurological insults, or advanced aging. In addition, the group members focus on the studies of how to utilize neural interfaces as tools for reverse-translational studies of brain plasticity and brain-machine interaction/confluence, how to build bio-robotics and powered wearable exoskeletons, and how to make fast, reliable, non-invasive brain-smartphone/device interfaces.


  • Faculty


Dr. Jose Luis Contreras-Vidal
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Houston Main Campus
W 310 Engineering Building 1
Houston, Texas 77004-4005
Tel: 713-743-4429
Email: Pepe.Contreras(at)EE(dot)UH(dot)edu

  • Post-Docs


Atilla  Kilicarslan


Carlos Trenado

  • Graduate Students


Harshavardhan Agashe


Andrew Paek
"I am a Ph. D. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  I am currently studying the effect of sensory feedback in the control of upper-limb prosthetic devices."


Recep Ali Ozdemir
"My primary focus of research is to understand sensory-motor aspects of balance control and locomotion in special populations including older adults, people with visual impairments and Parkinson’s patients. Our current projects are concerned with improving balance control in older adults and blind people. Having an exercise and sport psychology background, I am also interested in understanding interplay between various psychological variables (focus of attention, task anxiety, self efficacy) and biomechanical characteristics of balance performance during dual task paradigms. I will be working with Dr.Vidal’s research group on designing experimental set ups in the Center of Neuromotor and Biomechanics Research at Texas Medical Center. As a part of this collaboration we will be focusing on neural decoding of gait parameters and muscle activation patterns by using EEG and EMG signals."


Wenshuai Hou
"As a senior undergraduate student majored in Electrical Engineering, I had been studying in UH for 2011-2012 academic year, and now I am back in China and going to graduate by the end of June. I will go back to UH on August and be a research assistant in BMIST. I think the BMIS is a very interesting project which will benefit the whole world. I would like to contribute to make it happen. I will be working on the Brain-Machine Interface System from the beginning of Fall 2012 semester. It is an very advanced project that can translate the brainwaves into the real limb movements. If this project finally works, it can help a lot of people who have artificial limbs or Parkinson’s disease. It is going to be a great improvement in medical treatment."


Yongtian He (Chris)


Yu Zhang

My main research interest lies within the design of brain-machine interface to control prosthetic limbs helping disabled people, along with signal processing and neuroengineering.


Nikunj Bhagat


Mishan Cui

  • Undergraduate Students


Edwin Dieguez

Pascal Vo
"I am majoring in Chemical Engineering and Spanish. After graduation, I have a strong intention of pursuing medical school and joining MSF, where I could implement my year’s long research and studies to serve the humankind at its best. Fortunately, I have been awarded the PURS for my fingers-decoding project in the fall 2012 semester. I am very excited and thankful to be a part of the UH BMIST."


Aaron Angert


Ramon Montano


Vinh Phung


Daniel Sanchez
"I am currently pursing a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering. My career goal is to eventually work with alternative energy, electric energy to be precise, although I like robots and a little programming on the side. I will be working with outreach robots to take to different schools in order to bring interest into the field of robotics. My duties include preparing the robots, maintaining the robots and presenting the robots to the schools."


Andrew Dahdouh


Daniel Resendez
"I am an undergraduate student at the University of Houston pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. I will be entering my senior year this Fall 2012 and will graduate in Spring 2013. Areas of interest include Analog Electronics and VLSI Design."


Bryan Lopez
"I am an undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering. I hope to gain more knowledge in the field of neuroscience and learn how to use robotics to solve current problems. I am working on the mechatronics aspects of the research and assembling of robotic equipment in the lab. I am also programming the NAO robots for demonstrations to lab guests, including children, for our outreach program and the robocup."


Edwin Sierra


Dylan A. Quiroz
"I am an Electrical Engineering undergraduate student, entering my senior year. My interests include electronics and signal processing. I am working on controlling a computer-rendered virtual reality avatar using data obtained from an EEG signal. The techniques learned in this project could eventually be used to control prosthetic limbs with the brain."


Alvaro Ordonez
"I am a Junior in Electrical Engineering with previous work experience at Marathon Petroleum Company and Honda of America. I am currently working with the NAO robots so that they can fully operate in a soccer game and I am doing minor tasks in helping out with the REX project."


Adam Nunez


Andres Soto
"My career goal is to graduate as a mechanical engineer and go on to get a PHD. I want to do research, make a difference in the world. Currently I am working with the NAO robots making them play soccer. My goal is to revolutionize the way the robots play the game of soccer, expanding the team interaction."